Made in USA - RoHS Compliant - ISO 9001 Certified

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PG Brass FittingWherever a metal strain relief fitting is used, this strain relief fitting will give you a greatly increased cable range with superior corrosion protection. Typical applications are: Control cabinets, car washes, hot tubs, instrumentation, carpet cleaning machines, food processing equiptment, underground for direct burial, underwater to 300 ft. (150 PGIG)

Non - Corrosive

The strain relief fitting is resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral, animal, and vegetable oil.

Time Saving Installation

Simply push the cable throught the installed strain relief fitting and tighten the dome or flex nut for a liquid tight connection. The integral O-Ring seal between body and housing eliminates the need for extra seals. No disassembly is required: Insert cable - Tighten Nut - Finished!

Liquid Tight

Exceeds NEMA 4x or 6 specs. The O-Ring between body and housing assures a reliable seal. It is suitable for submersed applications. Up to 150 PSIG external pressure.

Large Range

10 sizes accomodate cable diameters from 1/16" to 1-3/4". The flexible spline design results in the largest cable range per size available.

Rugged - Attractive

The Nickel Plated brass Strain Relief Fitting gives superior protection against corrosion and enhances the appearance of you product.

Flex Nut

The Dome Nut can be substituted with a Flex Nut. The stainless steel spring extension offers superior protection against kinking and caving of the cable


  • Flexible overlapping clamping splines press the seal onto the cable protecting it from damage
  • Patented high performance form seal grips the cable securely
  • Tapered nut compresses splines
  • Patented recessed seal edge
  • Liquid tight body O-Ring seal
  • Insulating splined nylon bushing with unique anti-rotation grooves


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