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HO5VV-F | Flexible Cord for Medium Duty Applications | VDE CE

60°C PVC Jacketed Flexible Harmonized Cable



HO5VV-F Harmonized, 60°C, flexible PVC cordage has been designed for medium mechanical load in office equipment, appliances, computers, medical devices, heaters, cooking/baking/frying equipment, and any type of medium-duty electrical/electronic equipment that has been designed for use outside of North America. Note: This product should not come in direct contact with high temperature components.

Technical Information

Design:Finely stranded copper conductors; PVC insulation;Talc; PVC jacket
Bend Radius for Installation:5 x cable diameter
Temperature Rating:+5°C to +60°C
Voltage Rating:300/500 Volts
Color Code:Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow, Black
Jacket Colors Available:Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray, White
Additional colors are available.
Approvals:HAR; Conforms to CE Low Voltage Directive
Conforms to DIN 57281/VDE 0281-5, HD 21.5,
S3, IEC 227-5; BS 6500
ICS Part No. Conductors Size Stranding App. Diameter Min-Max (mm) Approx. Weight lbs/mft Cord Specifications
IC-01020082 x 0.75mm224 x 0.20mm5.7 - 7.241HO5VV-F
IC-0102006 (oval)2 x 0.75mm224 x 0.20mm3.7 x 6.0 - 4.5 x 7.246HO5VVH2-F
IC-01030083 x 0.75mm224 x 0.20mm6.0 - 7.646HO5VV-F
IC-01040084 x 0.75mm224 x 0.20mm6.6 - 8.350HO5VV-F
IC-01050085 x 0.75mm224 x 0.20mm7.4 - 9.365HO5VV-F
IC-01020102 x 1.0mm232 x 0.20mm5.9 - 7.542HO5VV-F
IC-01030103 x 1.0mm232 x 0.20mm6.3 - 8.051HO5VV-F
IC-01040104 x 1.0mm232 x 0.20mm7.1 - 9.058HO5VV-F
IC-01050105 x 1.0mm232 x 0.20mm7.8 - 9.882HO5VV-F
IC-01020152 x 1.5mm230 x 0.25mm6.8 - 8.657HO5VV-F
IC-01030153 x 1.5mm230 x 0.25mm7.4 - 9.476HO5VV-F
IC-01040154 x 1.5mm230 x 0.25mm8.4 - 10.588HO5VV-F
IC-01050155 x 1.5mm230 x 0.25mm9.3 - 11.6120HO5VV-F
IC-01020252 x 2.5mm248 x 0.25mm8.4 - 10.691HO5VV-F
IC-01030253 x 2.5mm248 x 0.25mm9.2 - 11.4134HO5VV-F
IC-01040254 x 2.5mm248 x 0.25mm10.1 - 12.5162HO5VV-F
IC-01050255 x 2.5mm248 x 0.25mm11.2 - 13.9189HO5VV-F

 For heavier gauges, please get in touch with our office.