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Multi Cable Strain Relief Fittings

Multi Cable Strain Relief Fittings


Note 1: For Strain Relief Fittings with NPT Threads, Substitute "N" for "A".
Example: ICCD09A1-BK becomes ICCD09N1-BK

How to order non-listed parts

  • Fittings with Flex Nut: Substitute "F" for "D" Ex. ICCF09A1-BK
  • Snap elbow fittings with Dome Nut: Substitute "E" for "C" Ex. IECD09A1-BK
  • Snap elbow fittings with Flex Nut: Substitute "EF" for "CD" Ex. ICEF09A1-BK
  • Nickel Plated Brass Fittings: Substitute "BR" for "BK" Ex. ICCD09A1-BR
  • Grey strain relief fitting: Substitute "GY" for "BK" Ex. ICCD09A1-GY

Design Parameters:

The cable diameter should not be less than 80% of the hole diameter. The difference between the hole and cable diameter should never exceed .04" (1mm).

Special Inserts

For a minimum of 1,000 pieces, any special insert hole configuration is available. For small quantities, we suggest drilling the frozen solid plug insert using the fitting as a fixture.