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SiHF | Flexible Control Cable | CE Conforming

60°C Rubber Jacketed Harmonized Cable



SiHF CE Conforming, 180°C, Silicone jacketed, UV and fuel resistant, halogen-free, flexible cordage has been designed for applications that require a high-temperature cable. Flexible, SiHF cables are a cost-effective, high/low-temperature alternative to Teflon cables. These cables are excellent for use in steel mills, saunas, glass-making plants, foundries and pharmaceutical facilities, and can be used on the following types of equipment: frying machines, baking/cooking/food processing equipment, lighting systems, injection molding machinery, extrusion equipment, freezers, refrigeration systems, industrial cleaning machines, sterilizers, medical equipment, incubators, and heating/cooling equipment. In addition, Silicone cables are recommended for use in applications where low or high temperatures or UV light cause other cables to deteriorate.

Technical Information

Design:Finely stranded tinned copper conductors; Silicone insulation;
Talc; Silicone jacket;
Bend Radius for Installation:5 x cable diameter while flexing in hot or cold temperature
Temperature Rating:UL/CSA: -60°C to +180°C; up to +200°C for short time intervals
Voltage Rating:VDE/IEC: 300/500 Volts
Color Code:Green/Yellow, Black, Blue, Brown
Jacket Colors Available:Reddish Brown
Approvals:DIN VDE 0250, section 816/06.82
Conforms to CE Low Voltage Directive
ICS Part No. Conductors Size Stranding App. Diameter inches Approx. Weight lbs/mft Cord Specifications
IC-152082 x 0.75mm224 x 0.1mm6.336SiHF
IC-153083 x 0.75mm224 x 0.1mm6.743SiHF
IC-154084 x 0.75mm224 x 0.1mm7.556SiHF
IC-155085 x 0.75mm224 x 0.1mm8.468SiHF
IC-152102 x 1.0mm232 x 0.21mm6.740SiHF
IC-153103 x 1.0mm232 x 0.21mm7.353SiHF
IC-154104 x 1.0mm232 x 0.21mm7.964SiHF
IC-155105 x 1.0mm232 x 0.21mm8.979SiHF
IC-152152 x 1.5mm230 x 0.26mm7.655SiHF
IC-153153 x 1.5mm230 x 0.26mm8.166SiHF
IC-154154 x 1.5mm230 x 0.26mm8.882SiHF
IC-155155 x 1.5mm230 x 0.26mm9.6100SiHF
IC-152252 x 2.5mm250 x 0.36mm9.391SiHF
IC-153253 x 2.5mm250 x 0.36mm9.8102SiHF
IC-154254 x 2.5mm250 x 0.36mm10.7127SiHF
IC-155255 x 2.5mm250 x 0.36mm11.7154SiHF

 For heavier gauges, please get in touch with our office.